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Here at SweetieBeans! our business is truly a labor of love...


Several years ago, through a series of health related unfortunate events, our family became aware that we had food allergies (Thankfully, considering the alternative.), and that we were going to have to "make a few dietary changes."


These "adjustments" involved the total exclusion of:









Food Dyes

Pesticides (yeah, I know... we still try)


And whatever else we happen to be excluding at the time in our pursuit of vibrant health.


I found this all out whilst sitting down to a pint of brown ale and a slab of Roquefort... Needless to say, I was devastated.


And so just like that our family went cold-turkey on our allergens and within a few months we were feeling MUCH better, and I was a convert.


But, we had always been what some people would consider "foodies," and before long the family was getting sick and tired of eating the same old cakes and cookies that were so hard or dry they could choke a horse! The lackluster look in the kids eyes whenever a conjured up gluten free vegan birthday cake would appear was almost too much to bear.


The days of cardboard cakes, soggy frying, terrible pancakes, and incomprehensible cookies were numbered.


Daddy had to get busy in the kitchen; for a LONG time.


I realized I was onto something when I'd bring my kids "special" cupcakes to a birthday party and all the kids would want to eat them instead of the cake their parents got from the bakery. 


Tip: People don't like it when that happens...


Anyway, word spread around and next thing I know people are asking me to make them cakes for their special occasions, weddings, birthdays, etc. 


The feedback was always the same, "Everybody raved about the cake! I didn't even tell them it was vegan and gluten free!"


Thats when I realized that we can really make a difference in peoples lives by allowing them to not feel deprived anymore, like "their" food is not only delicious, but better than what they used to enjoy.


A business was born, and what better name to give it than what I used to call the love of my life; my wife, back when we were seventeen years old:



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